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Getting to know Woolworths

Locally known as "Woolies", Woolworths is easily one of the best and most successful supermarkets in Australia. It provides shoppers with weekly catalogue, deals and half prices as well as fresh fruit, vegetables and meat sourced from Australian farmers. Woolworths allows customers to shop online using Woolworths website or visit one of their stores which available everywhere across Australia. It offers specials and half prices on grocery, snakes, seafood, meat, cleaning, personal care, drinks, fruits, vegetables and many more. Browse through Woolworths catalogue to find deals and discounts on the products you buy regularly and save money on your weekly stocking.

What does Woolworths offer

Woolworths offers a wide range of products from baby & kids, bakery, cleaning, cosmetics, dental care, drinks, electronics & appliances, fruit & vegetables, groceries, hair care, home & garden, liquor, meat, stationery, personal care, pets, seafood, snacks, toys, vitamins, supplements and many more. Big brands are featured in the weekly Woolworths catalogues including Coca Cola, Lipton, Red Bull, Colgate, Optus, Nutella, Corona, Olay, Kinder, Lindt, Mars, Thins, Pringles and many more.

Why customers love Woolies

Growing increasingly in the past hundred yeats and having over one thousand stores across Australia makes it one of the most beloved supermarkets among Australian shoppers. Woolies catalogue provides family with weekly cheap prices and specials. Woolworths also provides customers with extra features including Woolworth gift card and free gifts when shopping. Shoppers also like to get Woolworths half price items and specials to save more on their regular buys.

Woolworths half price specials and deals

Along with weekly catalogue, Kionec provides you with all Woolworths half price items of the week. You can find half prices on rice, ice cream, meat, groceries, cosmetics, hair care and more. Be the first one to hear about this week half prices from Woolworths to get 50% discount and buy half price items.

How to stay updated with new Woolworths catalogue, deals and half prices

Kionec helps you stay updated with the latest Woolworths catalogue and half prices. Buy browsing this website, you are guaranteed to get all the latest deals and coupons from Woolworths. You can also view the latest Woolworths catalogue and half prices plus tons of extra features including shopping list and alerts using Kionec App on Android and IOS. Visit Woolworths website to shop online and get more info about Woolworths products, deals, store locations and opening hours.